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Marketing to Your Strengths

There is often a struggle when it comes to knowing where to start with marketing your practice and which strategies to choose.  We are bombarded with all the different things we ‘should’ be doing and can find ourselves easily side tracked and jumping around from one thing to another.

If you are someone who is currently struggling to get some momentum with marketing your practice, it is time to review what you are doing and whether it is a good fit for you.

marketing to your strenghtsThe simplicity of marketing to your strengths will allow you to work out exactly what is working, rather than trying 15 different things with nothing appearing to work.  This is often, because nothing was really done consistently and wasn’t given a chance to evolve.  It will also be less exhausting for you, and as you get going, you will be able to get into a flow that will make life easier.

This ease will also come across in what you are producing, you will be able to communicate in a way that reflects you and feels authentic.

What are your strengths?

Start by considering what your strengths are when it comes to communicating. Are they:


You could consider writing a blog, write a book, newsletters, emails, magazine articles, submitting guest posts to other websites etc.


Start a podcast, go networking and speak with people, get speaking engagements or get interviewed on radio or another podcast which has a similar audience to your client group.


You could start a YouTube channel, create video blogs for your website, get interviewed as an expert, or run webinars and record them.


Aare you great at drawing, creating artwork, photography or anything visual?  You could create infographics, Pinterest boards, or other ‘arty’ marketing to promote your business.

What communications do your clients consume?

Now consider where your clients can be found and the type of marketing that would appeal to them.  The crossover between what you like doing, where your customer can be found and how they like to receive their communication, is the ideal place to focus your marketing efforts.

For example: if you work with small business owners on managing stress, and you like talking, you could go networking.  If you work with women going through the menopause, and like writing, you could write a blog on your website, create a useful ebook, or submit articles to magazines.

Once you have identified your ideal way to communicate and where your potential clients are, it is time to start marketing.  Pick 2 or 3 things that you are going to do – be realistic about what is reasonable in terms of your time available and within your capabilities at this point.

Now focus your efforts on these elements and start to be aware of what is and isn’t working.  Marketing efforts take time to get traction so don’t change direction after a couple of weeks thinking nothing works – give it a chance.  If you don’t get any results from what you are doing after three months, it is time to make some changes.

If you view this as getting your foundations in place, you can add to it later with other approaches including learning to do those that are currently outside of your comfort zone.

If you need support to identify your marketing strengths, contact me to find out how I can help.

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