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keeping things simple

Keeping Things Simple

Keeping things simple is challenging when you get caught up listening to all the life and business experts.  Promoting new systems and telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, to be successful.  We’ve all heard the stories of the … Continue reading

setting client boundaries

Setting Good Client Boundaries

Do you make yourself available anytime a client wants you?  It’s so tempting especially if you are struggling to get enough clients, or just starting out. We’ve all been there.  Offering a late, last minute evening appointment, when we really … Continue reading

setting up a complementary practice

Setting up a Complementary Practice

Once qualified, the reality of setting up a complementary practice can be a little overwhelming.  It’s scary, how many established practitioners don’t have the basics in place, many of which are designed to protect them. Before I get started, I … Continue reading

building in buffers

Building Buffers to Make Life Easier

As one of life’s ‘sensible’ characters, I have always had a tendency to build a buffer, in different areas of my life.  I was thrilled recently, when reading ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown (a brilliant book about the disciplined pursuit of … Continue reading

how to stop confusing clients

How to Stop Confusing Clients

As a complementary practitioner or therapist, one of the easiest ways to confuse your clients is, by using jargon. When we train, we are taught to use language that is specific to our approach.  We get comfortable with using certain … Continue reading

starting a morning routine

Starting a Morning Routine

I noticed the topic of ‘starting a morning routine’ appearing everywhere. I got interested enough to buy a book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.  Although, I admit that it sat on my shelf for about a year before I … Continue reading