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too much competition

There’s Too Much Competition! Or is There?

Is this something you feel? There are too many practitioners who provide the same service as you?  There are too many alternative options available for your potential clients? This is a complaint I often hear from complementary practitioners and therapists.  … Continue reading

imposter syndrome

Do You Suffer With Imposter Syndrome?

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Scared that at any moment, someone is going to catch you out and see the real you? Working in personal development, I soon realised this issue haunts so many people especially women. Or … Continue reading

building in buffers

Building Buffers to Make Life Easier

As one of life’s ‘sensible’ characters, I have always had a tendency to build a buffer, in different areas of my life.  I was thrilled recently, when reading ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown (a brilliant book about the disciplined pursuit of … Continue reading

starting a morning routine

Starting a Morning Routine

I noticed the topic of ‘starting a morning routine’ appearing everywhere. I got interested enough to buy a book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.  Although, I admit that it sat on my shelf for about a year before I … Continue reading

comparison trap

The Comparison Trap

Have you ever found yourself falling into the comparison trap?  You see how everyone is so much further ahead than you, so much more sorted, busier, richer, and the list goes on. Constantly comparing yourself to others will stop you … Continue reading

how to stop feeling isolated

How to Stop Feeling Isolated

When you train as a complementary practitioner or therapist, you’re surrounded by colleagues and friends.  Everyone is excited about the future and building their practice. The reality of working in health and wellbeing can be very different. The feeling of … Continue reading

being perfectly imperfect

Being Perfectly Imperfect

I admit it – I am a recovering perfectionist!  As a child, I can remember re-writing homework because I had crossed something out.  Seriously!!! There have been times when I have caught myself procrastinating around projects, going around in circles … Continue reading

money mindset

How to Build a Healthy Money Mindset

Are you a practitioner or therapist who hates charging for your services? Do you give away far too much of your precious time and experience for free?  Are you desperate to find your next client, hoping, and waiting for the … Continue reading

stop information overload

How to Stop Information Overload

I love learning, my favourite method of consumption at the moment is podcasts, they provide me with an education on the go, whilst ironing or driving, I find inspiration. The danger of this consumption starts when you reach with information … Continue reading