Growing your holistic business


too much competition

There’s Too Much Competition! Or is There?

Is this something you feel? There are too many practitioners who provide the same service as you?  There are too many alternative options available for your potential clients? This is a complaint I often hear from complementary practitioners and therapists.  … Continue reading

how to stop confusing clients

How to Stop Confusing Clients

As a complementary practitioner or therapist, one of the easiest ways to confuse your clients is, by using jargon. When we train, we are taught to use language that is specific to our approach.  We get comfortable with using certain … Continue reading

how to save money on marketing

How to Save Money on Marketing Your Practice

It can be really expensive setting up and running a practice, especially when you’re starting out.  One of the areas many practitioners and therapists try and save money on is marketing, often doing the tasks themselves rather than outsourcing them. … Continue reading

how to write a client newsletter

How to Write a Newsletter

Newsletters sent out by email are a fabulous way of building your practice.  They allow you to keep in touch with your clients and remind them you are there, to build relationships with potential clients and share your knowledge. Many … Continue reading

picking a niche for wellness business

Do I Need to Pick a Niche?

A reoccurring topic among therapists and practitioners at the moment is ‘do I need to pick a niche?’. Being a generalist Ultimately, the choice is yours, it’s your business and you don’t have to pick a niche, you can work … Continue reading